About IMFA Group:

IMFA Group: A Construction and Real Estate Company was founded to address the needs of today’s ever changing construction and real estate market as a specialized.

Our company brings together a team of the top performing in Bangalore. IMFA Group management, on average, have over 30 years’ experience in the industry.

Our management act as investment advisors to our clients and focus on providing real information at the right time in order to keep our clients, both buyers and sellers, well-informed so that they have as much information as possible before making decisions regarding one of the most important investments in their lifetime.

Our dedicated marketing staff has over 10 years of design experience in construction and real estate. This gives our marketing department an intimate knowledge of what works to sell our clients home as well as the ability to provide market intelligence that helps make a better buying decision.

Our history gives us the experience to provide the best service while our approach and nimbleness make us the top marketing in bangalore.